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District Grand Prefect - September 2017

Greetings everyone.  September has arrived and so far it has rained most of the time, the Euro refuses to budge above £1:10, Waterloo is virtually shut with a broken train compounding the closure of platforms and the rest of the central London stations are closed for ‘improvement’ and Donald Trump excels himself in poor use of social media – let’s see if we can do better here.  I cannot do much about the weather, the trains, the exchange rate or even about The Donald but I can tell you some news from our District as we head into the new masonic season.

Earlier this year the District was proud to receive the Grand Master when he Consecrated our new Council – Goose & Gridiron No 275, it was a fantastic event and we held its first proper meeting in May and the next is on 21st October when we will be conducting the St Lawrence Degree and an Installation, please join us if you can and spend a pleasant Saturday morning with good friends.

The date of November 2nd has been selected for the next social event for members, and partners etc, as well as prospective candidates and to cater for everyone this will an evening function.  Please support us again as these get togethers have proved to be enormously successful and have always been a sell out.  On this occasion we are organising a visit to the Bank of England museum followed by dinner at the City University Club in Cornhill.  I am sure an excellent treat is in store but, unfortunately, no free samples!!


The Allied Masonic Degrees Grand Meeting is to be held in London on 24th October, please join with me and support this meeting, it is in London again and it would be nice to see a good turnout from London.  It is also a good opportunity to see and meet with our Grand Master – MW Bro Tom Jackson.

But, as ever, the big event for us is our District Meeting, which is to be held at MMH on Saturday 18th November 2017.  We have improved our attendance numbers every year so far and last year was an excellent event, it is very satisfying when we have good numbers and adds to the atmosphere.  I particularly encourage new members to attend; you will be most welcome and will be especially received during the meeting.

Later in 2018 we will repeat our dinner for secretaries and treasurers, it is well attended and it is a good forum to exchange ideas and views.  We will also repeat the new members dinner, this years was very well supported and was most enjoyable to meet and talk with recently Admitted brethren and it was a nice meal.

Our programme of Full Team Visits is being finalized along with the other visits to take place; offers of appointments and promotions are going out to those deserving candidates and plans are well afoot for a new Masonic Year.

All in all another full year and I am looking forward to visiting and meeting with you all over the next year or so for what I am sure will be another happy and successful year for London AMD.

All best wishes

Colin Woodcock
District Grand Prefect

Next Meetings

The next New Members Dinner will be held on Wednesday 15th July 2020. Please add the date to your diary. Further details to follow.

The next Secretaries Dinner will be held on Thursday 23rd July 2020. Please add the date to your diary.

The Autumn Social Event 2020 will be held on Thursday 5th November 2020. Please put the date in your diary. Further details to follow.

Mark Masons’ Hall
The 2020 District of London Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 21st November 2020. Please add