Article by Bro. Stephen Schofield, Londinium Council

Brethren all

We have just concluded the 2018/19 Masonic AMD season in London with the final rehearsals under the Council of Improvement. Attendance continues to steadily increase with a core group of members coming along to grow and develop their familiarity of, and experience with, our beloved AMD ceremonies. At each meeting of the CoI we rehearse the “St Lawrence the Martyr” degree and one other - meaning that it is open and of use to all members of AMD, regardless of your own progress to date within it. This last month we ran through the “Grand Tylers of Solomon” ceremony twice, assisting two different “Captains of the Host” to practice ahead of their live ceremonies in the next couple of weeks.

Being a member of the CoI is a real honour and privilege. It not only builds awareness of the rituals collected under the Allied Masonic Degrees but it also grows friendships and camaraderie . We would like to express our thanks to all members and Councils who supported us during the year and look forward to welcoming many of you back again, with any others who wish to attend, at the first session of the new season at Mark Masons Hall on 24th September, from 7pm. From then on, the Council of Improvement will meet, as in previous years, on the last Tuesday of each month, excepting December and November (where due to availability, we are meeting on Monday 3rd December instead).

Immersing ourselves regularly in the rich symbolism and stories associated with our various Degrees not only builds our comprehension of the ceremonies; it also leads to excellence of performance at the Council meetings we attend and this is being noticed throughout the District. If you want to be involved in this initiative to improve and enhance our Degrees and our Order, or would like to be part of a growing body of AMD men keen to learn more, please do come along and be counted. Your labour will be well repaid.

More information, contact details and dates of the meetings for the 2019/2020 season can be seen here

COI Schedule.

If you have any specific questions with regards to the London District Council of Improvement then you can contact either:

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Next Meetings

The Autumn Social Event 2020 will be held on Thursday 5th November 2020. Please put the date in your diary. Further details to follow.

Mark Masons’ Hall
The 2020 District of London Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 21st November 2020. Please add