On Wednesday 17th November, the District Grand Prefect R.W. Bro. Colin Woodcock, accompanied by a delegation, visited the meeting of Metropolitan "A" Council .

He witnessed some flawless ritual by W. Bro. Roger Keys. Firstly, conducting the degree of St. Lawrence the Martyr introducing Bro. Paul Hicks and Bro. Laurence Sams as new members to the Order and indeed to the AMD District of London. Roger then continued to perform the installation ceremony to equally high standard installing W. Bro. Terry Worrall into the Chair of St. Lawrence.

The members and visitors then retired to the third floor for a most splendid and convivial festive board. When we toasted to our next merry meeting the consensus was that the evening was what we have only come to expect from the world's oldest AMD council.

Click here for some photos from the evening.