The AMD District of London Spring Social Event 2022 started with a gathering of around 20 members of the District and their friends and partners in the Cafe below the Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

We were then escorted upstairs to the Spectacular Painted Hall by our guide, who gave us an excellent oration on the history of the building and the art work contained therein. As it is mostly art work on the ceiling of the hall, as you will see in the pictures, we spent most of the time looking upwards.

After our talk which lasted around 40 minutes we started to make our way to Davy's restaurant, which was around 10-15 minute walk. The main architect of the buildings at the Old Royal Naval College being that well known Freemason, Sir Christopher Wren. On our way out of the Old Royal Naval College we passed through the west gates which are flanked by 2 great pillars, and on each were celestial and terrestrial globes.   

On arriving at Davy's we were joined by another 5 or so AMD members and partners for an excellent meal in a private dining room. The volume of conversation and laughter reflected how much everyone enjoyed themselves, a point noted by the District Grand Prefect when he closed the afternoon with thanks to Adam Spevack who organised the bookings of the Painted Hall and the restaurant and to Richard Criddle for his excellent organisation of the event on the day.

Click here to view some photos from the event.