All regalia can either be obtained through the usual Masonic Regalia suppliers including the shop at Mark Masons Hall or, at possibly more competitive prices, through the District Secretariat who may be contacted via the District Grand Secretary.

The regalia is relatively simple consisting of either the tie of the Order or District tie and…..

either a composite jewel (£20 or less)

Or a more elaborate bar of individual miniature jewels (around £110)

If Brethren subsequently achieve District or Grand Rank, regalia comprises of an appropriate collar of the office

If you happen to know of any member of the Order who no longer has need of his regalia and, assuming that it is in good condition, and would like to pass it on to a new member of the Order, please do let us know. There is always a great demand for good quality second hand regalia. Please contact the District Grand Secretary via the ‘Contact us’ section of this web site.