Spring Lunch - 18:15 to Waterloo

Around 40 Members of the District along with their partners, families and friends assembled in the bar at Mark Masons' Hall for the AMD District of London Spring Lunch Event. The bar was buzzing with greetings and chatter. Attendees were then called to make their way down to the Earl of Euston room which was bathed in the spring sunshine through the large windows which look out over St. James and Pall Mall.

After lunch, Richard Criddle introduced Mark Smith as our speaker for the event. Mark proceeded to engage the room with an enthralling account of the Battle of Waterloo. Mark strode around the room building a picture of the battle field, using the dining tables to represent three of the key areas of the battle. Mark gave interesting background on the main protagonists, and a very descriptive account of how the battle built and was won and lost at key points. There was also some very gory details of what was a "bloody" battle. At the conclusion of his talk Mark received a rousing round of applause and then took some questions from those in attendance.

The event concluded with the District Grand Prefect, Colin Woodcock MBE, thanking Mark for his talk, everyone who attended the event and to Richard Criddle for organising the event.

Photos from the event can be viewed here   

Britannic Council of Madeira No. 46 - Welcomes Dist. Grand Senior Warden

On Tuesday 2nd April the Britannic Council of Madeira assembled in the Hong Kong room at Mark Masons' Hall.

The Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Alan White opened the Lodge in St. Lawrence the Martyr and welcomed into the meeting W. Bro. Peter Warner, District Grand Senior Warden and a delegation of District Grand Officers.

The Lodge of St. Lawrence the Martyr was called off and opened in the Grand Tilers of Solomon. The degree received 3 brethren into the order Bro. Edmond Tondu, Bro. Carlo Callisto and Bro. Erol Houssein. The ceremony was conducted in fine style by the WM, assisted by excellent work from his 2 wardens W. Bro. Mark Nixon and Bro. Lance Pusey.

After the meeting, all retired to the Duke of Connaught room on the 1st floor to partake in a festive board full of laughter and chatter. Wine taken, Toasts given, the evening concluded with a final toast to their next merry meeting. 

Photos from the evening can be viewed here

Rumbelow Council No. 67 - Welcomes District Grand Senior Warden

On the evening of Wednesday 3rd April, the District Grand Senior Warden, W. Bro. Peter Warner, paid an official visit to Rumbelow Council No.67 along with his delegation. We were treated to a really excellent Grand Tilers of Solomon ceremony which completed the Candidate’s (Bro. Marios Stylianides) set of 5 ceremonies.
We were also entertained by the Council’s Treasurer, W. Bro. Richard Higginson, who brilliantly sang the accounts to a Bob Marley medley with audience participation. We all joined in the chorus of “no money, no Port”, so the Worshipful Master (W. Bro. Mark Riches) kindly treated us to Port after our meal.
The meeting and the subsequent Festive Board were lively with plenty of friendly banter and comradery  - the hallmarks of a superb AMD London meeting.

Metropolitan TI "A" Welcomes District Grand Junior Warden

Members of Metropolitan Council TI "A" assembled in the Bristol room at Mark Masons' Hall on Wednesday 20th March. The District Grand Junior Warden W. Bro. Jan Melvin and his delegation were warmly welcomed into the Council.

W. Bro. Terry Worrall assisted by his officers then conducted the ceremony of St. Lawrence the Martyr to introduce to the order Bro. Ed Hardman. W. Bro. Roger Keys presented the lecture in great style.

The WM then installed W. Bro. Tony Pattison as WM for the ensuing year. The newly installed Master then appointed and invested his officers.

Meeting concluded we made our way to the Egerton room where the newly installed Master had arranged for a sparkling drinks reception. We then enjoyed some excellent food, with fine wine and rounded off with Port. The evening concluding with a toast to our next merry meeting.

Photos from the evening can be viewed here