Secretaries Dinner 2022

On 28 July, secretaries and representatives from the majority of the AMD Councils got together over dinner with Colin Woodcock, District Grand Prefect, to review the health of the District and to look at ways we can improve the running of the District for the benefit of the members. 

Such was the level of discussion and the amount of minute-taking that your correspondent completely forgot to take a photograph of everyone who attended. Instead, this picture of a handful of secretaries who retired to the In & Out Club after the working dinner will have to suffice! 

All the secretaries picked up a variety of actions - plus a challenge from Colin: to grow the District from 253 members to 300 members in the next 2 years. A challenge in which every member can play their part!

New Members Dinner 2022

On a hot and steamy evening a number of new members to the AMD District of London gathered at Tutton's restaurant in Covent Garden for the District's Annual New Members Dinner. The evening was hosted by the District Grand Prefect, R. W. Bro. Colin Woodcock along with members of his executive, the Deputy District Grand Prefect W. Bro. Steven Warwick and the District Grand Secretary W. Bro. Scott Cargill. We were also honoured with the attendance of the now legendary "Two Soups" Sam!

As per the ethos of the District it was a very inclusive evening with Colin engaging all those new members to get their initial views on the order and what prompted them to join the order. This provided some interesting feedback for Colin and his team. Scott gave an overview of the Councils within the District and there was very much an emphasis on visiting other Councils and encouraging brethren to take the opportunity to take Degrees where and when they could.

The District's Council of Improvement was discussed and all those present were encouraged to come along.

A great evening with good food, drinks and excellent company. The evening concluded with a toast to our next merry meeting.


Some photos from the evening can be viewed here.  

Britannic Council of Madeira - Platinum Jubilee Celebration

Thursday 20th June, saw Britannic Council of Madeira meet at Mark Masons' Hall for their train strike delayed meeting. The meeting made acknowledgement of Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee and a splendid Jubilee festive board was held afterwards.

It was very quiet at Mark Masons' Hall that evening and this enabled the council the unique opportunity to conduct the ceremony of the Red Cross of Babylon across 3 separate rooms. This added to the occasion and brought a real sense of travel to the degree.

The Royal Arch Council was conducted in fine style by the Worship Master, W. Bro. Richard Criddle ably assisted by his officers. W. Bro. Boon Tan then took over principle duties to conduct the Persian Court in fine style with the degree ending with the lecture presented impeccably, as always by W. Bro. Scott Cargill.  Six brethren took the degree, and I think that they will realise in future years what a unique experience they had in taking this particular degree in their AMD careers.

Special mention must go to W. Bro. Boon Tan as Director of Ceremonies for pulling the ceremony together.

The Platinum Jubilee Festive Board followed and as as you will see from the photos it was a most jovial occasion on a par with the best of the street parties held across the nation this jubilee year.

Photos from the evening can be viewed here.

Guild of Freemen Council 145 welcomes District Grand Senior Warden

On Friday 27th May, members of the Guild of Freemen 145 met at Mark Masons' Hall. They welcomed the District Grand Senior Warden W. Bro. Peter Warner PGStB who was accompanied by a delegation of District Grand officers.

Eulogies were made for M.W. Bro. Timothy Lewis and W. Bro. Robin Whittam.

The Council conducted the St. Lawrence the Martyr Degree in fine manner to welcome into the order Bro. John Palmer

The Degree of Grand High Priest was conducted to Anoint, Consecrate and Set apart into the order Bro. John Palmer along with 2 other brethren.

The brethren then retired to partake in a splendid festive board. Toasts and fire followed before all bid farewell until their next merry meeting.

Some photos of the festive board can be viewed here

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