At its most recent meeting, Londinium Council was honoured by the presence of W .Bro. Jan Melvin P.G.I.G., the District Grand Junior Warden.  He was introduced to the Council by his escorting Officer W.Bro. Brian Chapman P.G.I.G. A.Dist.G.D.C. and was attended by seven other District Grand Officers.  It was a very busy and most enjoyable meeting, with two candidates for Grand High Priest.  The ceremony was most ably delivered by W. Bro. Colin Howard G.I.G. with a full retinue of Officers who delivered word-perfect ritual without a book in sight.

This was followed by a full installation of the new Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Sean Turner.  This was very capably achieved by the outgoing Master, W. Bro. Matthew Christmas P.Dist.G.Std.B. who graciously donated his Master’s collarette to the Council and presented it to the new Master.  A sizeable donation to support the Dist.G.Sec.’s daughter in a sponsored walking challenge was also approved, much to his (and her) delight. After some significant consideration, the design for a logo to be used to represent Londinium Council was also approved by the members, and we look forward to using it on Summonses and elsewhere once it receives the support of Grand Council.

The Dist.G.J.W. expressed how delighted he was to see such a professional display with some of the most impressive ritual he had witnessed in many years.  The Council was closed and eighteen members and visitors retired to dine in the Earl of Euston room.  Great company and great food was followed by a visit to the bar where further enjoyment was had by those who remained.  We look forward to our next merry meeting, and to welcoming more visitors and guests in November.