On the evening of Thursday 3rd November, members of AMD Councils and their Partners and Friends joined us online via Zoom for a fascinating and entertaining talk "Working with the Ghosts of Hampton Court Palace". Our presenter was Sarah Slater a Guide Lecturer at Hampton Court Palace.

Sarah was dressed in one of her costumes a dark Victorian mourning dress which fitted well into her talk. Sarah gave us a potted history of Hampton Court Palace before leading onto the main subject which was discussing the various sightings and spooky events which have been reported at the Palace over the last 500 years.

A recent YouGov poll revealed that 34% of people believe in ghosts - However, a quick poll of those on our zoom meeting showed only 24% of us were believers. But, this did not distract from the talk as the content had sufficient content to satisfy both believers and sceptics, with Sarah revealing how some sightings had been explained whilst others had still not been explained.

The talk concluded with a short period of questions for Sarah, before our District Grand Prefect Colin Woodcock concluded the evening with thanks to Sarah and to everyone who attended.

It seems that the talk was well received with the following feedback:

"What an excellent informative and entertaining evening - good choice."

"Just a note to say how much we enjoyed last night’s Autumn Social Event. Sarah Slater is a great presenter. Her presentation was both informative and entertaining. The time went so quickly. We would certainly be Interested in attending either another Zoom with her or a real conducted tour at Hampton Court."