A great evening of fun and ritual at Britannic Council of Madeira No. 46 on Tuesday 4th April when they welcomed V.W. Bro. Steven Warwick, Deputy District Grand Prefect and a delegation of District officers.

W. Bro. Bryan Wakely conducted the ceremony of St Lawrence the Martyr (by his own comment using the Devonshire workings!!), and Bro. Rhoan Bernard was welcomed into the order. 

A council of Grand Tilers of Solomon was opened and Bro. Rohan along Bro. Ravi and Bro. Dhiraj were admitted as Masons Elect of 27 and they were treated to an excellent rendition of the lecture by one of the visiting delegation W. Bro. Terry Hall.

The lodge was then resumed into St Lawrence before being closed and the brethren retired to the Duke of Connaught room via the bar for a happy festive board, where we were met with some strange looking prawns!!.  

After the meeting was closed, brethren made their way to the holding area on the 2nd floor (aka The Bar), before assembling in the Connaught room to partake in a splendid and convivial festive board. Wine was taken, Toasts were made before brethren toasted to their next merry meeting.

More photos from the meeting can be viewed here