On a warm July evening a number of new members to the AMD District of London gathered at The Boot & Flogger Public House near Borough market for the District's Annual New Members' Dinner. The evening was hosted by the District Grand Prefect, R. W. Bro. Colin Woodcock along with members of his executive, the District Grand Senior Warden W. Bro. Peter Warner and the District Grand Secretary W. Bro. Scott Cargill.

As per the ethos of the District it was a very inclusive evening with Colin engaging all those new members to get their initial views on the order and what prompted them to join the order. This provided some interesting feedback for Colin and his team. Scott gave an overview of the Councils within the District and there was very much an emphasis on visiting other Councils and encouraging brethren to take the opportunity to take Degrees where and when they could.

The District's Council of Improvement was discussed and all those present were encouraged to come along.

A great evening with good food, drinks and excellent company. The evening concluded with a toast to our next merry meeting.