This book contains a series of well researched short talks on the Allied Masonic Degrees. Ideal for performance in Councils to provide educational material on the Order in an easily-assimilated form.

Each chapter is presented as a stand-alone 'delivery version' and is complete in itself. Making it ideal to read in a meeting where there is no ceremony to be performed or for study at home.

Some chapters also contain detailed material in the form of annexes, which contain more extensive supporting detail that could facilitate further investigation.

In the final part there are a number of orations delivered at the consecration of Allied Councils which illustrate different interpretations of the Order by the Consecrating Grand Chaplains.

Extensive footnotes are included where appropriate to assist in answering questions, thorough references, a select bibliography and an index are also provided to assist brethren who wish to carry out their own research into the Allied Order.

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