I have received notification from the Grand Secretary informing me of the allocation of Grand Ranks this year and we, in London, have been particularly fortunate to have six recipients this year.  Congratulations to them, they are -

Dr Colin Howard, Secretary at Londinium Council who has been appointed to Active Grand Inner Guard, many congratulations Colin, a real honour for you, the Council and the District.

Stephen Fenton, who has been appointed Past Grand Sword Bearer.

Harvey Roland and Julian Trought, who have been appointed Past Grand Standard Bearer.

Brian Chapman and David Major who have been appointed Past Grand Inner Guard.

There have also been other successes in which we can share -

Other members of London who received promotion through other Districts are -

Brian Sarre, a member of Goose and Gridiron, who (through Essex) has been promoted Past Grand Registrar.

Dougie Black (through Grand Masters Centennial No 100) has been promoted to Past Grand Senior Deacon.

Many congratulations to all of these brethren, all worthy recipients, and I am sure I speak for us all in wishing them well.

They will receive their honour at the Grand Council which will meet at Freemasons Hall on Tuesday 24th October, please note the date and join me there to see them personally congratulated by the Grand Master.