Whilst working in a remote part of my garage my foot rested on some imperfect masonry which gave way beneath me and precipitated me into a dark and gloomy pit. After a short time I became aware of a large box in the distance towards which I groped my way whilst humming the theme tune to Indiana Jones.

Arriving there I opened the box and discovered that it contained many ancient AMD ceramics.

I had long heard rumours of these lost antiquities but until now I had not believed that they existed. Legend tells that they are part of the long lost Order of the Ceramic Mug! It is said that he who owns one of these ancient ceramics remains calm because he has joined the Allied. They can be used to hold the elixir of life (Tea!) or if turned upside down it can be used as a small table to rest your ritual book upon.

As I need room in my garage and need to repair the hole I had fallen into, we are offering you the chance to purchase one of this rare antiquities (or as many as you wish), at a knock down price of just £5 plus P&P.

Do not delay there is a limited supply and one was recently seen on an episode of the Antiques Road show (well it wasn't an exhibit but you could see a bloke called Colin in the background drinking from one).

To secure your ceramic and join the Order please click on the link below and complete the form. I will then contact you regards payment and delivery.

To save of postage costs we can also arrange to deliver your sacred mug to you at your next AMD Council meeting.


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